Why Attend

In what area of your life do you feel stuck?  Goal Achievement, Relationships, Communication, Personal Finance, Focus, Health, Balance, Productivity, Fitness?

We are all stuck somewhere because we’re all creatures of habit. Habits keep us doing the same thing, without even thinking about it. Some habits are effective, and others are ineffective. The ineffective ones keep us stuck. They diminish our presence, our productivity, our effectiveness, and our happiness. And this leaves us feeling disempowered, distracted, and overwhelmed.

Habit Hackers want to help you get unstuck so you can experience:

  • Increased power over your choices and behaviors.
  • Reduced anxiety and improved well-being.
  • Enriched relationships in any area of your life.

Who Are We?

We are You. We are badasses disguised as regular people (just like you!) who are figuring out how to hack our habits and live the life we know we are meant to. And we’ve invited some really cool people who just happen to be geniuses in the domain of habit-hacking to help guide the way.

What To Expect…

Drop your expectations. Are you willing to show up open to experiencing something beyond listening to a few experts talk? Habit Hackers was thoughtfully designed as a summit of thought leaders + workshop to teach you habit mechanics, uncover blind spots that are limiting you, and send you off with an action plan (and the support) to make anything you want happen.

This is not a business conference per se – although a lot of the principals and systems you’ll learn can be applied to running any venture or endeavor successfully.  This is much more personal, and geared toward learning life skills through habit training that can be applied to any area of your life.

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