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Habit Hackers 2019 Recap!

Confirmed Speakers

James Clear

Author of the New York Times best seller, Atomic Habits

Ryan Harris

NFL Vet, Denver Broncos Superbowl Champ; Author of Mindset for Mastery

Sandra Grahame

CEO of Smart Cookies

Eben Pagan

Serial Entrepreneur, Author of Opportunity, Investor

Kaila Mullady & Mark Martin

World Champion Beatboxers, Educators

Emily Schromm

Health & Wellness Entrepreneur; Owner of Platform Strength

Scott Trench

CEO of Bigger Pockets; Author of Set for Life

Amy Baglan

Co-founder & CEO, MeetMindful

Kendall Colman

Founder & CEO, Total Coaching Systems

Michelle Lee Weldon

Neurosculpting® Fellow, Psychotherapist, Meditation Coach

David Blutenthal

Founder of Habit Hackers, Head of Product at LEVO

Sam Tarantino

Founder of Grooveshark, Founder & CEO of Chromatic.fm

Aaron Connell

Personal Finance Advisor, One Brick Planning

Stephen Rodgers

EMDR Psychotherapist, Stephen Rodgers Counseling

Special Workshop

In addition to James Clear’s morning keynote, he will be leading an hour-long Habit Training workshop in the afternoon.
This is your moment to see your habits for what they are and create a plan to transform what no longer serves you.


James Clear

James Clear is a writer and speaker focused on habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement. He is the author of the current New York Times best seller, Atomic Habits. His work has appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine, Time Magazine, the New York Times, and on CBS This Morning. He is a regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies and his work is used by teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.

Why Attend

In what area of your life do you feel stuck? Relationships, Health, Technology use, Career Growth, Productivity, Communication, Sleep, Fitness?

We are all stuck somewhere because we’re all creatures of habit. Habits keep us doing the same thing, without even thinking about it. Some habits are effective, and others are ineffective. The ineffective ones keep us stuck. They diminish our presence, our productivity, our effectiveness, and our happiness. And this leaves us feeling disempowered and lacking control.

We want to help you get unstuck so you can experience:

  • Increased power over your choices and behaviors.
  • Reduced anxiety and improved well-being.
  • Enriched relationships in any area of your life.

Who Are We?

We are You. We are badasses disguised as regular people (just like you!) who are figuring out how to hack our habits and live the life we know we are meant to. And we’ve invited some really cool people who just happen to be geniuses in the domain of habit-hacking to help guide the way.

What To Expect…

Drop your expectations. Are you willing to show up open to experiencing something beyond listening to a few experts talk? Habit Hackers was thoughtfully designed as a summit of thought leaders + workshop to teach you habit mechanics, uncover blind spots that are limiting you, and send you off with an action plan (and the support) to make anything you want happen.

This is not a business conference per se – although a lot of the principals and systems you’ll learn can be applied to running any venture or endeavor successfully.  This is much more personal, and geared toward learning life skills through habit training that can be applied to any area of your life.

We are capping the summit’s attendance at 300 attendees to ensure an intimate and connective experience among one another and the speakers.



Arrive, Sip, Nourish, Connect

A healthy and nourishing assortment of the following breakfast bites and primo beverages will be provided to kick off your morning – plus a host of other surprise experiences to engage in – thanks to our amazing brand partners!

– Lo-carb breakfast bites (paleo banana muffins, probiotic & paleo granola, hardboiled eggs, and full-fat yogurt) thanks to FirstBank Colorado!

– Four Sigmatic™ Mushroom Coffee
– Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha™
– Herbal Elements™ Teas
– Vital Proteins™ Bone Broth Bar (savory!)
– Ned. Hemp Oil (add a drop to your coffee or tea!)

– in our pillowy chill space (thanks to Archipelago), or stretch out your body on one of our yoga mats.

Arrive early to try all the things, pick up a copy of James Clear’s Habit Journal and The Mindmill’s booklet to mindful living, and to meet your fellow habit hackers!


Welcome and Opening Remarks

By Founder & Organizer: David Blutenthal


Believe in Yourself: The Habits of Being Extraordinary

Kickoff with Denver Bronco Superbowl 50 Champion, and Author of Mindset for Mastery: an NFL’s Champion’s Guide To Reaching Your Greatness.

Speaker: Ryan Harris


Wake Up Productive

Productivity hacks to win the day, every day.

Speaker: Eben Pagan (virtual)


Panel: Foundational Habits for Financial Freedom

A lively panel discussion about using financial health hacks, mindsets, and systems, that will change the way you think about saving, spending, and investing.

Panelists: Scott Trench, Sandra Grahame, & Aaron Connell.
Moderated by: Craig Curelop


Grounding Exercise: Finding Presence in Any Moment

Grounding exercises create the ability to calm your nervous system and find presence in the now. The tools you’ll take away from this brief session can be used as a mindfulness tool throughout your whole life.

Led By: Stephen Rodgers


Habits of a Powerful Communicator

Imagine knowing the habits to bring your mind, body and heart into all of your communications.  This talk will help you take your speaking to the next level, learn how to work with any fear and your physiology, end performance anxiety, learn how to connect with any audience, and establish your leadership presence by shaping conversations to influence and inspire.

Speaker: Kendall Colman; Speaker Coach and Author of Mind, Body & Heart Communication


State Change Exercise

First in a series of two connection and activation exercises throughout the day to relax, re-center and connect. Think of these as energy palette cleansers for the mind and body. These exercises are of a theme, and will build upon each other as the day progresses.

This first exercise will contain a short overview on the neuroscience of state change and some fun exercises.

Led by: Michelle Lee Weldon


The Simple Daily Habits of a World Champion

In order to become world class at anything, you must dedicate many hours to practicing your craft. Beatboxing takes it to an even more intense level because our instrument is our own body. Lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and poor mental attitude will completely affect how your instrument sounds. The art form itself is very fun and liberating. It encourages you to find the power of your voice and break through mental barriers. Lightship has redesigned our habit training to be just as fun and liberating as out artform and we can’t wait to share our insights with the community coming to Habit Hackers this February!

Speakers: Lightship – Kaila Mullady and Mark Martin


Atomic Habits – How to Get 1% Better Every Day

The author of New York Times’ BestSeller, Atomic Habits, James Clear writes about habits, decision making, and continuous improvement.  This talk will lay the foundation for a life of continuous micro-improvements through habit training and prepare you for the his afternoon workshop.

Speaker: James Clear

Milk Market


We recommend enjoying lunch with others conference attendees at Milk Market, which is on the ground floor of the venue building. It has 12 yummy fast-casual restaurants with global cuisine to choose among for any diet.

And the lunch break comes with a surprise that you’ll find out about at the event!


Atomic Habit Mechanics, Applied!

Utilizing his frameworks from his book Atomic Habits, and his Habits Academy Training Platform, James Clear will facilitate an interactive workshop where attendees will re-tune their own habits, and create an implementation plan for the ones they’re going to make & break in 2019. 

As part, The Clear Habit Journal will be available for purchase at the event for use during the Workshop and in your life. It is a combination dot grid notebook, daily journal, and habit tracker.  

Led by: James Clear


Neurosculpting® Meditation

Second in a series of connection and activating exercises throughout the day to relax, re-center, reflect, and connect.

This meditation will teach you how to relax your flight, fight, or freeze mechanism, and allow easier return to a relaxed and present state.

A perfect mind-set to step into the talk that follows.

Led by: Michelle Lee Weldon


Mindfulness for Busy People

Take a journey down memory lane with Amy Baglan as she recounts her path to practicing daily mindfulness (hint: it wasn’t always this way!). In this talk you’ll learn simple tactics to cultivate more moments of presence, create your ideal surroundings, and adopt new systems to stay present to your goals and desires. Be prepared to leave with a whole new understanding of what it means to be a human being.

Speaker: Amy Baglan


Fireside Chat with Sam Tarantino. Re-factoring your habits: How I learned to code

Sam will share his story about the rise and fall of his behemoth music streaming company Grooveshark, and the habits he formed in the aftermath to shift from being a business guy to a software developer. Sam recently developed and launched Chromatic.fm – Human Powered Mobile Radio.

Speaker: Sam Tarantino
Interviewer: David Blutenthal


Biohacker Habits: How Your Cravings Impact Staying Fit and Healthy

Emily Schromm is a Personal trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, health and wellness entrepreneur, and host of the podcast, Meathead Hippie. She EMPOWERS people everywhere to empower themselves with a focus on food, weightlifting, and body transformation.

Her talk to close out Habit Hackers 2019 will give you a whole new relationship with your cravings, your energy systems, and the resistance that blocks your path towards optimum health and fitness.

Speaker: Emily Schromm



Sponsored by Gem&Bolt Mezcal+Damiana, and Wishgarden Herbal Remedies. All attendees will receive this invitation and location disclosure. We have a very special private event space (near downtown) reserved where music, drink, and connection will abound.

7-8pm: Mezcal tasting and education led by Jennifer Bales, Field Manager at Gem+Bolt. In honor of cultivating habits around ceremony and sensory appreciation, come learn how to sip, savor, and experience Mezcal in its purest spirit form.

8-10pm: Mingling, music, craft cocktails from Gem+Bolt Mezcal, and fresh herbal mocktails prepared by Wishgarden Herbal Remedies.

Stop by to connect, hang, and unwind with your fellow habit hackers, speakers, and organizers.

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