“Every Creator Needs a Coach”

What do you most want right now in your life (that you might even be afraid to admit)?

What are you tolerating that you want to change?

What habits have worn out their usefulness and aren’t getting you where you want to go?


Helping ambitious and high-achieving men and women to uncover their truth behind questions such as these is why I love being a coach.

Hi I’m David Blutenthal, I’m a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Habit Hackers, and I coach creators.

The mission I’m on is to help others become the master of their lives and fulfill on their wildest dreams.


Clients Include

  • Entrepreneurs (including solopreneurs and startup founders).
  • Music Artists, and other Creative Artists.
  • Growth-minded achievers who sense misalignment or being stuck, and want to succeed at charting a new direction.
  • People who want to live in their full potential and perform with a greater sense of clarity, energy, courage, influence, and effectiveness.


About Me and My Coaching Methodology


I’m a Certified High Performance Coach™, have founded 4 companies, and have been coaching high-achieving creatives and creators since 2004 in the following capacities:
  • Shaping the careers of recording artists and musicians.
  • Building music-technology and social-technology startups, as Co-Founder & CEO.
  • Leading product innovation and strategy for a fast growing hardware-tech startup in Denver.
  • Coaching cross-functional teams to work effectively, cohesively, and in flow.
  • Forging communities in the areas of habit training, ideation, new venture creation, and music-technology.


What I’ve discovered is that my greatest contribution to the world is helping people see what’s possible for them, and then supporting them through transitions and transformations by providing structure, guidance, and encouragement.


I believe that each of us is a genius in our own unique way. Through that lens, I see what’s possible for people, even when they can’t see it yet in themselves.


What we can’t see lives in our blind spots – areas that create a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Moreover, blind spots are invisible to us, and they fuel the patterns we repeat, mistakes of intuition, misperceptions of ourself and others, and in limiting beliefs we can’t see beyond.


As a Certified High Performance Coach, I utilize a science-backed and results-oriented process, to help you uncover blind spots, maximize your potential, and reach heightened and sustained levels of performance, everywhere your life.


The areas where we’d collaborate on your march to a more successful, healthy, fully-charged life include: 
  • Seeking Clarity –  getting crystal clear on what you really want, and how you want to feel every day.
  • Creating Energy – exploring both physical energy and mental stamina to perform at your best.
  • Practicing Courage – seeing how confidently and boldly you are showing up in the world, seizing opportunities that you want, even when they scare you. Especially when they scare you!
  • Raising Necessity – creating cause, urgency, and purpose to be more awesome for others. Knowing your “why” and acting from it.
  • Planning for Productivity – looking at what distractions or poor habits cause you to fall off course, and what routines will keep you on track.
  • Increasing Influence – learning what you can do to better influence, lead, and inspire others to action.


What’s different about High Performance Coaching (compared to typical life coaching or executive coaching) is that there’s a training component to this methodology where I teach clients new habits, tools and concepts in each session that furthers their education and growth in that area.  In short, there is a curriculum, a true roadmap for progress that allows for me as coach and you as client to know that each session is advancing your life no matter your goals.


Developing mastery in the above areas leads to total life transformation, alignment, and ability to perform at the same level of the world’s most successful people.


I believe…wait…I KNOW, we all are capable of so much more than we think. More than we can see is possible on our own. And what I’ve learned is that no top performers continuously reach and sustain new peak levels without support. Without structure. Without accountability.


We don’t rise to the level of our hopes and dreams, we fall to the level of our habits and routines.


Transformation comes from bold action, and it takes courage and vulnerability to reinvent old ways of thinking, acting, and being. If you’re up to the task, what lies waiting on the other side is everything your heart desires.


Tony Robbins has a great saying about the nature of life that I think about often – “the process is the deal”.  Moment-to-moment is all we have, each a stitch in the fabric of our journey. I believe what matters is who we get to become on the journey.


If you’re only looking at the finish line (goals) and not the compound effect of small choices each day (processes), you will always be living (and in many cases suffering) into some future that will never come.


Everything is possible in the present moment. It’s the perfect and only place to begin, and begin again. It’s where magic gets created. It’s the space I’d love to spend some time with you.


If you’ve read this far, I invite you to follow your curiosity and email me to request a free 60-minute strategy session.

I’ll reply by sending you a short application to fill out so I can initially assess if we’d be a good fit and how I can best serve you.


During this powerful session, we’ll create a crystal clear vision for what you truly want in your life and are committed to having. We’ll uncover hidden challenges which could be sabotaging your success that may have been keeping you stuck for years. We’ll then create a couple new habits aligned with your vision that leaves you feeling clear, energized, and totally inspired to jump into action right away!


It is my goal that you take away real value from this call that you can immediately apply to your business and life, whether we choose to continue our coaching relationship or not.


So if you’re up to kicking off 2020 in peak performance, reach out now and let’s get to work!

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David knows what it takes to help his clients identify the best in themselves. He allowed a space to open up and discover blind spots that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. His presence, patience and persistence in working through things helped me discover things that I did not know were holding me back. Since working with David, I have been able to level up my relationships with my family, friends and my business in Real Estate. We work together with an intention on discovering new possibilities and a creating an impactful future in all areas of my life!
Matt WeistCommercial Real Estate Broker
“David is an amazing coach. He really listens to me and helps me discover what is holding me back for myself. This frees me up to live life as my biggest and most expanded version of myself. I highly recommend working with David.”
Teresa MarickWellness Consultant
“David has super high standards for himself and is always pushing himself to stay relevant to what is happening so that he can pass that along to the people he coaches. He’s got an amazing work ethic, deeply cares about people, is professional and knowledgeable, and the person you want in your corner when you are out to accomplish something in your life. Be prepared to soar; David will give you wings to fly.”
Lyna NguyenRealtor & Real Estate Leadership Coach
“I’ve often found life and coaching conversations to be hit-or-miss (and more often the latter). I had no expectations going into this one, but I’ve known from experience that David’s an incredibly perceptive dude! Honestly, I had a few pretty significant revelations that almost immediately turned into several productive conversations. Particularly with my marketing partner. I realized I didn’t really take much ownership over my own shit and pointed the blame almost primarily at them (which ended up costing me $1500 and a potential partner relationship).

Your potential is limited by your own beliefs. If you have warped beliefs around money, entrepreneurship, finances, love, self-love, etc, you will almost always seek to prove yourself right in that regard. Which is why it’s so critical to have conversations with people like David who can point that stuff out and make you see your blind-spots. I realized how significant making others be wrong was in my life, and how it affected my interactions.”

Mike KilcoyneMarketer & Video Storyteller