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Become the architect of your life, exercise your full potential, and find your flow


Are you someone who has huge aspirations for your life, for your career, for using your gifts, but something’s holding you back from making real progress in achieving what you say you want?


Have you ever had the experience of setting goals that you know you want to achieve, but from lacking clarity on where to focus your energy and attention, procrastination and distractions creep in, and you’re left feeling stuck once again?


I’ve been there. I get it.


These are issues that come up in your performance, and as a result of your habits.


You are not alone in your struggle and I can help you move beyond it.


Hi, I’m David Blutenthal, I’m a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Habit Hackers, and I’m a Certified High Performance Coach™.


I’ve founded and built 4 companies as an entrepreneur, often at great emotional cost.


I used to operate daily at an almost constant state of overwhelm. I used stress and a mindset of “not enough” as fuel to drive forward momentum. I was addicted to the struggle.


My process back then lacked clarity. Lacked joy and ease. Lacked structure and consistency.


I focused on how far I still have to go, instead of how far I’ve come.


I was prone to distractions.


I resisted courageously putting myself out there because I wanted to avoid being criticized.


Because of all this together, I’d eventually burnt out.  Shut down the business or project I was working on, and start all over, doing it much the same way.


But after years stuck this pattern, I discovered the thing that allowed me to turn this all around.


My habits were the source of my problems. 


It wasn’t that I’m not capable or driven enough to reach my goals. I’ve always had passion, grit, and determination in spades!


It was simply this –  the old worn-out habits that formed me long ago, were not in alignment with my goals today, and the person I needed to become to achieve them. 


I learned see these patterns objectively.  To accept that these old habits served an important role, and that I could now choose to change reinvent them, to reinvent me.


These habits had been trying to protect me. To make things easier for me. To keep me safe from being eaten by (imaginary) lions.


But they were keeping me small and hiding my greatest gifts from flourishing.


So I learned how to proactively design new habits, instead of living reactively to old ones.


I worked with an amazing coach who helped me see what I’m really capable of and where I was getting in my own way.


My coach challenged me and held me accountable to take new actions every week. Then to notice and learn from what happens.


Very quickly, this gave me more empowerment, greater necessity, more influence, and more confidence!


That’s the power of coaching.


Great coaching supports you just enough so that you can take that next step and do it yourself. So you can see the things blocking you and transform them.


While working with my coach I used my new habit-hacking superpower to create the Habit Hackers Summit, in Feb 2019.


200 people came from around the world to design their lives, by designing their habits.


It was spectacular and changed lives! (link to 3-min highlight video)


And best of all, the process of making it all happen was super productive, felt energizing, fun, fluid, and easeful.


Now I never again have to worry about getting stuck on a path to achievement, without a clear roadmap, support, or know-how to find new clarity and keep moving forward.


Now I get to be the confident designer of my life.


Today as a High Performance Coach, I get to help others become fully engaged in their lives, break free of the habits that don’t serve them, and advance to their next level.


And I’d love to support you getting to your next level.


Here’s how.


I utilize a science-backed, results-oriented, and rigorously-tested process created by the High Performance Institute to help you maximize your potential, and reach heightened and sustained levels of performance, everywhere your life.


I begin working with new one-on-one clients in a 12-session program, where each session lays a different and unique building block on your staircase to being a higher performer.


The proven areas of high performance we’ll focus on include:


  • Seeking Clarity –  getting crystal clear on what you really want, your purpose-driven life, how you want to feel, and where to focus your attention.
  • Creating Energy – exploring your physical energy, emotional energy, and mental vibrancy that will have you performing at your best. 
  • Practicing Courage – seeing how confidently and boldly you are showing up in the world, seizing opportunities that you want, even when confronted by fears and doubt.
  • Raising Necessity – creating greater cause, urgency, and purpose to be more awesome for others.  Knowing your “why” and acting from it consistently.
  • Planning for Productivity – looking at what distractions or poor habits cause you to fall off course, and what routines will keep you on track. Time-blocking effectively for your personal life, growing your relationships, and highest value-creating work.
  • Increasing Influence – learning what you can do to better role-model, lead, and inspire others to think differently and take action towards possibilities.


Struggles and Stressors You’ll Overcome


  • lack of clarity and focus on where to spend your time
  • not knowing where to put your energy and attention
  • negative self-talk (thought such as “I’m not [BLANK] enough”)
  • scarcity mindsets
  • fear of failure
  • procrastination
  • succumbing to stress habits
  • fizzling out or failed projects
  • getting stopped by anxiety
  • feeling lost or off-purpose
  • imposter syndrome
  • perfectionism
  • trying to make everyone around you happy
  • taking on too much
  • lack of personal accountability
  • not advocating for your needs
A Sample of What’s Available for you Attain & Achieve
  • clarity on your life today and your ultimate future scenario.
  • new rituals, routines, and habits that align with your life vision and true purpose.
  • creating and sustaining a daily energizing, rejuvenation, and mindfulness rituals
  • balance your most important personal needs, relationships, and work
  • more confidence
  • mastering your productivity, mental game, and physiology
  • putting yourself first before others
  • facing and overcoming fears
  • ability to expand beyond your comfort zone and to trust that you’ll acclimate
  • achieving your income goals
  • happier and more fulfilling relationships
  • more consistency and authenticity and everything that you do
  • increased ability to have your natural gifts flow through you
  • empowering new ways of thinking, acting, and being
  • boundary setting
  • breaking analysis paralysis and moving quickly from thought to action.


If this is the game you’re up to playing in your life, apply now for a free strategy session with me below.

Apply for free 60-minute discovery session


Step 1: apply for a free 60-minute discovery session, by filling out and submitting this pre-session questionnaire.


The exercise of filling it out will give us both a baseline of where you’re at today, and where you want to go.


Step 2: After filling out the questionnaire, select an available time slot on my Calendly HERE.  This will confirm a call in both our calendars.


As a bonus gift for applying, I’ll send you my very favorite morning routine to set your day up for success.  Winning your morning is the first high performance habit to winning your day.


Final thoughts here…


I know you are capable of so much more than you think.


Your gifts are just waiting to be fully realized.


The opportunity to level-up in life comes from bold action. It takes courage and vulnerability to reinvent old ways of thinking, acting, and being. If you’re up to the task, what lies waiting on the other side is everything your heart desires.


In life, “the process is the deal”. Moment-to-moment is all we have.


Each a stitch in the fabric of our journey.


I believe what matters is who we are being on the journey.


If you’re only looking at the finish line (goals) and not the compound effect of small choices each day (processes), you will always be living (and in many cases suffering) for some future that could never come.


Everything is possible in the present moment.


It’s the perfect and only place to begin, and begin again. It’s where magic gets created. It’s the space I’d love to spend some time with you.
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“I can honestly say that coaching with David changed my life. It steered and supported me on an epic journey that would be one of the most powerful times of self-awareness and growth in my life. As David always pointed out, I was the one that did the work to make the changes happen. But without him, I would not have understood what I needed to work on, what the priority of those things needed to be, or how to overcome my challenges, roadblocks, and self-sabotage.
David is a gift you give yourself. You are worth the investment to a greater, more fulfilling, more “you” life.

I do and have done a lot of self-growth work through coaching and other guided interactions. I have hired professionals for fitness, eating, health issues, emotional growth, professional growth, and more. When thinking of the many people I’ve worked with, David stands out in my mind as the best coach I’ve had.”

Brandy CohenHR Specialist
David knows what it takes to help his clients identify the best in themselves. He allowed a space to open up and discover blind spots that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. His presence, patience and persistence in working through things helped me discover things that I did not know were holding me back. Since working with David, I have been able to level up my relationships with my family, friends and my business in Real Estate. We work together with an intention on discovering new possibilities and a creating an impactful future in all areas of my life!
Matt WeistCommercial Real Estate Broker
“David is an amazing coach. He really listens to me and helps me discover what is holding me back for myself. This frees me up to live life as my biggest and most expanded version of myself. I highly recommend working with David.”
Teresa MarickWellness Consultant
“David has super high standards for himself and is always pushing himself to stay relevant to what is happening so that he can pass that along to the people he coaches. He’s got an amazing work ethic, deeply cares about people, is professional and knowledgeable, and the person you want in your corner when you are out to accomplish something in your life. Be prepared to soar; David will give you wings to fly.”
Lyna NguyenRealtor & Real Estate Leadership Coach
“I’ve often found life and coaching conversations to be hit-or-miss (and more often the latter). I had no expectations going into this one, but I’ve known from experience that David’s an incredibly perceptive dude! Honestly, I had a few pretty significant revelations that almost immediately turned into several productive conversations. Particularly with my marketing partner. I realized I didn’t really take much ownership over my own shit and pointed the blame almost primarily at them (which ended up costing me $1500 and a potential partner relationship).

Your potential is limited by your own beliefs. If you have warped beliefs around money, entrepreneurship, finances, love, self-love, etc, you will almost always seek to prove yourself right in that regard. Which is why it’s so critical to have conversations with people like David who can point that stuff out and make you see your blind-spots. I realized how significant making others be wrong was in my life, and how it affected my interactions.”

Mike KilcoyneMarketer & Video Storyteller