New in Fall 2019, we’re launching a series of Habit Hackers Workshops, providing you with: ongoing social support, accountability structures, and clarity around habits you choose to form that will generate who you want to be. Each workshop will be 2-hours in length and focus on habits applied to a specific area of life, or to a specific habit training methodology that can be applied generally.

We’ll be exploring habits around self-care, money, productivity, creativity, organization, communication, nutrition, exercise, and more.  We encourage you to reach out and share your suggestions for more topics and speakers!

What’s the structure of a Habit Hackers Workshop?

Each Workshop will be led by Habit Hackers founder and coach David Blutenthal, and will feature a different guest speaker on the stated topic.

We’ve designed the Workshops to be dynamic and experiential just like the Habit Hackers Summit.

* Welcome
* Group Grounding Exercise to clear mental clutter.
* Sharing among small groups what your biggest challenge or opportunity is related to the theme of this workshop.
* Guest Speaker hosts the workshop
* 21-Day Implementation Challenge invitation – accountability buddies or small groups will be given
* Live Coaching on habit integration and unpacking what’s coming up for people.
* Powerfully Closing

6pm - 8pm
The Offices of MeetMindful and Fabriq 1444 Wazee Street, Suite 130, Denver, CO 80202

December’s HabitHackers™ Workshop, will flex your muscles of creativity, improvisation, and embracing the present moment as a space to generate – anything!

Led by guest habit expert, music artist, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist, ROY MATZ, this “Creative Habits” workshop will help you learn to express yourself in the best possible way, for YOU.

The access point is in the spontaneity of your self-expression, which enables greater freedom and non-judgement into the way you think, act, and communicate.

You’ve probably heard about athletes or high performers who say they get ‘in the zone’ before a big event. Well, they do it intentionally, and you can too. The misunderstood thing about it is – not everyone’s ‘zone’ is the same, not everyone’s canvas is the same.

This workshop will help you tap into your creative canvas to be able to shamelessly express yourself, and become a better listener to your ever-present creative voice.

This is the space where ideas are born. Come play!


Workshop Guest Expert : Roy Matz

Roy Matz started writing lyrics and music following his mandatory military service in Isreal. Tappping into his multi-instrumental arsenal of guitar, beatbox, vocals, and conscious lyrics, Matz expresses his many methods of overcoming life’s constant challenges including his struggles with diversity and identity in the USA.
The music and vibe are inspired by Jazz, r&b, reggae, soul, blues, funk, hip-hop, and evolving interest in zen, growth theories, and related literature.
Roy has produced music for podcasts and TV, he has collaborated with Adidas and performed live production and beat making in their “Forever The Future” campaign.
Roy has been traveling the world producing, beatboxing and rapping with the world’s best, giving production lessons and workshops, and producing podcasts all around the globe. He is about to drop his first big music release before the end of 2019!

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