New in Fall 2019, we’re launching a series of Habit Hackers Workshops, providing you with: ongoing social support, accountability structures, and clarity around habits you choose to form that will generate who you want to be. Each workshop will be 2-hours in length and focus on habits applied to a specific area of life, or to a specific habit training methodology that can be applied generally.

We’ll be exploring habits around self-care, money, productivity, creativity, organization, communication, nutrition, exercise, and more.  We encourage you to reach out and share your suggestions for more topics and speakers!

What’s the structure of a Habit Hackers Workshop?

Each Workshop will be led by Habit Hackers founder and coach David Blutenthal, and will feature a different guest speaker on the stated topic.

We’ve designed the Workshops to be dynamic and experiential just like the Habit Hackers Summit.

* Welcome
* Group Grounding Exercise to clear mental clutter.
* Sharing among small groups what your biggest challenge or opportunity is related to the theme of this workshop.
* Guest Speaker hosts the workshop
* 21-Day Implementation Challenge invitation – accountability buddies or small groups will be given
* Live Coaching on habit integration and unpacking what’s coming up for people.
* Powerfully Closing

6pm - 8pm
The Offices of MeetMindful and Fabriq 1444 Wazee Street Suite 130 Denver, CO 80202

In this very special Habit Hackers Workshop, you’ll learn about and integrate Neurosculpting® – a powerful habit training methodology that releases old brain patterns through nervous system self-regulation.
In simple terms, Neurosculpting® is a 5-step meditation process that can strategically help an individual release the grip of old patterns and entrain their brain to creating new and more supportive patterns, habits and behaviors. This methodology is the fusion of brain science and mindfulness so even the most insidious mental beliefs can be rewritten.

In more scientific terms, Neurosculpting® was developed as a method to support self-directed neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to transform and re-pattern – aiding in the down-regulation of chronic CNS (Central Nervous System) arousal states.
In this workshop led by Lisa Wimberger, Founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute, you’ll learn and practice training your brain with the 5-step Neurosculpting process.


Lisa Wimberger is the founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute.
She holds a Masters Degree in Education, a Foundations Certification in NeuroLeadership, and Certificates in Medical Neuroscience, Visual Perception, and the Brain, and Neurobiology. She is the author of NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear, and NEUROSCULPTING: A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness.

As the Founder of the Neurosculpting® modality, Lisa runs a private meditation practice in Colorado teaching clients who suffer from stress disorders, and she is a faculty member of Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Center, the Law Enforcement Survival Institute, Omega Institute, and 1440 Multiversity.
Lisa began her meditation practice at age 12. Hit by lightning at age 15, and clinically dead on multiple occasions, Lisa uses her traumatic experience as a vehicle for transformation. Lisa studied Ascension training for four years with Ishaya monks. She completed four years of psychic awareness training, applying the tools of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and is trained in Autogenic Hypnosis.

Lisa is the Founder of the Trance Personnel Consulting Group and Ripple Effect, LLC. She has created and facilitated leadership training for executive teams in Fortune 500 companies, the Colorado Department of Health Care and worked individually with international management. She has created and facilitated Emotional Survival programs for Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies and peer counsel groups.
Lisa writes for the Elephant Journal and CopsAlive. Additionally, Lisa’s services are sought on a national level by individuals in law enforcement looking to find a new way to navigate through their stress patterns.

Lisa is a public speaker and has addressed audiences ranging from corporate leaders to FBI and Secret Service. Lisa is a member of the National Center for Crisis Management and ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association).

Her mission to share practical and powerful stress management techniques to those in need caused Lisa to develop her Neurosculpting® programs combining neuroscience principles with mindfulness and energetic modalities.

6pm - 8pm

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