New in Fall 2019, we’re launching a series of Habit Hackers Workshops, providing you with: ongoing social support, accountability structures, and clarity around habits you choose to form that will generate who you want to be. Each workshop will be 2-hours in length and focus on habits applied to a specific area of life, or to a specific habit training methodology that can be applied generally.

We’ll be exploring habits around self-care, money, productivity, creativity, organization, communication, nutrition, exercise, and more.  We encourage you to reach out and share your suggestions for more topics and speakers!

What’s the structure of a Habit Hackers Workshop?

Each Workshop will be led by Habit Hackers founder and coach David Blutenthal, and will feature a different guest speaker on the stated topic.

We’ve designed the Workshops to be dynamic and experiential just like the Habit Hackers Summit.

* Welcome
* Group Grounding Exercise to clear mental clutter.
* Sharing among small groups what your biggest challenge or opportunity is related to the theme of this workshop.
* Guest Speaker hosts the workshop
* 21-Day Implementation Challenge invitation – accountability buddies or small groups will be given
* Live Coaching on habit integration and unpacking what’s coming up for people.
* Powerfully Closing